Friday, January 27, 2006

Baltimore needs an ice wall

This "ice wall" was created by Doug Buchanan of the Alaskan Alpine Club using water and cold. It is his art project.

It is a fun story to read, cost little money, and makes Alaska look like a fun place to live...except that it is cold and dark in the winter.

Baltimore needs something like this. Maybe we can build it in front of Drews or Marks houses?

Photo provided by penumbra
Instead we have what the City Paper calls the transvestitute.

This photo makes it look nicer than I have every seen it before. Farther away when driving on I-83 it looks like it's a concrete ginger bread man without any icing.

It's modern art. We make modern art because we lost all the skills it takes to make that old fashioned pretty stuff. This is a monstrosity.

Let's at least make a monstrosity we can be proud of with our primitive icicle skills.

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