Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sysco Food Service of Baltimore - Today's Jerk Company Blocking the Trolley Lane

This is the driver of the Sysco Food Services of Baltimore delivery truck. This is his attitude towards the bicyclists who can't ride through downtown because he is parked in the bike lane.

Here is his truck from the front. I had to pick my bike up and carry it to squeeze between his truck and the fence.

Look at all the room on the loading dock right next to where he is parked.

I can't find an e-mail on the Cisco of Baltimore web site. I'd really like to find a list of their customers so I can figure out who's receiving the delivery. I don't see any reason a restaurant who does business with a company as contemptuous as Sysco should receive my business.

Sysco does have a corporate web site. And it has this web form for feedback. I think I'll ask them if they condone the behavior of their driver. One would think a company like Sysco would not want to have trucks with their name plastered all over it blatantly parked illegally obstructing traffic.

Sysco was not the only parking scofflaw this morning. At least the L&M Produce driver did not give me an obscene gesture.


Anonymous said...

Get A Life!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how difficult his job is? Grow up.

Anonymous said...

wtf are you talking about. have you think how difficult for us start our job at 12am while you princes are sleeping. Get a Life or maybe a woman.

Anonymous said...

Haha,Waaaaaaah!!!! I had to pickup my bike and walk it pass the truck. Get a car then Loser!!!

Anonymous said...

What a sniveling little mangina lmfao! That driver should have kicked you in the face like he was booting a 40 yard field goal.

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You should eat a fistful of barbiturates, wash 'em down with half a liter of vodka, fall asleep, and then come back and tell me about it... just do it... you pathetic loser lmao