Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Letter to Head of Mass State police cc:the gov.

Dear Sir,
This past Thursday June 28 at about 1:30pm I went out for lunch to the Panera in Framingham. Of course it was raining like it has been for the past month. After parking my car and walking up to the store through the rain I found a state police car parked on the sidewalk (see attached photo). I was a little nervous about going into the store because I thought some kind of crime might be in progress. None was as I saw a State Trooper in uniform walk out of the store with a lunch in a bag. Now I know parking on the sidewalk is a minor crime compared to other ones you must deal with every day. But to allow this kind of behavior will only breed contempt for your officers, and the institution of the Massachusetts State Police as a whole. I know I have less respect for the officer who did this, and a little less respect for any Massachusetts State Trooper because of this one officers actions.

Please let me know that you at least tracked down which Trooper was using this vehicle at the time and let him know you do not approve of his actions.

Allen Smith

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