Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Evil House of Spirits 2

I sent an e-mail with the blog entry on the EHOS to the liquor board. The next morning there was an e-mail from them saying they would hold a hearing on the violation on the law against serving to intoxicated persons. They asked me if I would testify about my pictures and I agreed.

The subpoena has apparently arrived at the EHOS. The old man who appears to be the patriarch chewed me out a couple days ago as I walked past on the sidewalk.

Today, I received my first threat, from the guy who lives up the block at 505 S. Patterson Park Ave.

He said I would be very sorry. He said he has "more money than God". He said the House of Spirits guy was a good man. He said he has connections with Mayor O'Malley.

I went back and took the above picture of him. He told me I would be sorry about that too.

I haven't seen Mr. Cleveland in about a week.

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