Saturday, September 04, 2010

Introducing others to randonneuring

So I know a guy new to cycling who I think would enjoy randonneuring, and I am working on developing him as a recruit to endurance riding.

Today, he was game for a bike ride, and we decided to try an out-and-back route he's never ridden, farther than he has ever gone before.

We set out, and we made our first break stop with no problem. We decided to go for the whole route. I told him to be sure to save enough energy to make it back. There is no cell phone coverage at the turnaround point.

Despite his enthusiasm, he was flagging pretty badly as we approached the turnaround. I wound up pushing him up the steeper hills. (I was on my trike, which is very stable when pushing.) He perked up at our turnaround point, which is very cool and scenic, but about 15 minutes later he was done. And so was my cell phone. And he doesn't have one.

What to do.

We wound up riding back with him riding curled up on my lap while I pushed the bike alongside me with one arm. As we rode back, most of the people we passed stood and cheered.

The ride was from home to the swinging bridge in Patapsco Valley State Park.
7.5 miles, about 2 hours. Max rode 4.5 miles, an all time distance record for him.

He turns 4 on Wednesday.