Sunday, October 22, 2017

Coffeeneuring Week 2 - Baltimore Farmers Market

I ride my bike to work every day. I shower when I get there. I keep a supply of Manly Organic Goat Milk Soap at my desk for showering. I am almost out of M.O.G.M. Soap.

So this morning I ventured out to the Baltimore Farmers Market to get some more. And to have a cup of coffee.

The Zeke's Coffee stand. I am fueled by Zeke's every day. It is the best.

I am so happy.

Omelet for breakfast. Yes, my wife and my son also went to the Farmers Market, which they do every week. They drive. What fun is that?

And the soap. I got some with coffee in it, Natty Boh in it, Himalayan Sea Salt in it, and clay in it. Nothing gets you clean like washing with actual dirt.

Strava track

Coffeeneuring Week 1

For this coffeeneuring excursion, I rode 100 yards from the parking lot to the coffee truck. Then I rode 100 miles back to the coffee truck.

Here is the coffee truck.

Here is the coffee.

Here is the bike, the incredible Reynolds Weld Lab Z-Bone, now with eTap, at Assateague.

And here I am, back at the parking lot.

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