Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bike Ride Report - Snickersville 200k Brevet

I drove out to Virginia last night and slept in the Element to ride the DC Randonneurs Snickersville 200k. I got up at 6:00 am, and it was a steady rain, windy, and 50 degrees outside.

I started the engine to warm up the inside of the E and got dressed. I discovered I forgot to bring socks. It was gross out. I decided I'd rather go home and sit in my chair with Max than spend 12 hours riding in the nasty wind and cold and rain.

Registration was inside Black Wolf Coffee, and I decided to get a cup of coffee and a muffin for the drive home. And I was hoping maybe Mary would have my new DC Randonneurs jersey since they have all just come in and it's nice Marino wool which would be great for the cold mornings now.

But Matt our new RBA was in there. He was impossibly cheery.
"It was dry on the road by my house."
"It wont rain up in the valley."

I told him I forgot my socks and I was going home.

"I've got three extra pairs in the trunk of my car."

For some reason I paid my $10 and registered. I figured maybe I would drink my coffee and resolve would happen.

Ed, Mary's SO, showed up with a big bag of jerseys, but he didn't have mine because they didn't know I was coming. Darn. The jerseys are very cool.

So I went out in the rain to the car to move it out of the coffee shop parking lot to a side street where I could leave it legally during the ride. It was raining harder than ever. I sat in the back of the E with the tailgate up and little rain spatters spattering on my fleece layer while I tried to find my rain gear. Yuck.

I closed the tailgate, crawled up to the driver's seat, and drove home.

It rained the whole way.

Max was cute when I got there.


Anonymous said...

I was planning on spending the next few minutes reading about your rain adventure and laughing at you. Agh, but you were a smartiepants and went home instead. Good for you! The key was to wait until Sunday.

oknups said...

I missed this post, last time I logged on. By now you are aware of my DNF on the Seagull. Expensive ride. Pie was great. Weather amusing, I have been in worse but never on a bent.

Welcome to the Daddy club. I would have gone home as well. Maybe never even left.

Do they make little bents for little people? If I built a CF bent for a 6 year old Max could it be his first bike?????