Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Max goes to Ohio to visit relatives

Last week I took Max to Ohio to visit his relatives.

He got to meet his grandpa.

And his great-aunt Peggy and great-uncle Jake.

And Aunt Mandy.

He met Aunt Amy and Aunt Kate, but I forgot to get pictures.

And all his cousins: Elle, Nate, Katie, Trey, and Ethan.

And he got to meet his cousin Harry, even though Harry refused to pose with everyone else and hid under the table instead.

Not that Harry minds being photographed.

Little kids should know better to make funny faces when Uncle Drew wants to take a picture. In just a couple years he'll be in school, and some girl in his class is going to have a crush on him, and he'll give her Uncle Drew's instant message address so she'll bug Uncle Drew instead of him, and she will ask if Uncle Drew has any pictures of him, and Uncle Drew will send her the one where he was making funny faces when he was six, and she'll show it to all her classmates, and then he'll be really really mad.

Trey was.

I brought Monkey with me, but nobody noticed.

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