Monday, February 19, 2007

Bike Trip Update - Day 5 - Port Aransas to Beeville, TX

Today our fortunes changed. The Evil Shark of Headwinds and Rough Pavement stayed behind in Port Aransas.

Today it was zipping along on wide glassy smooth shoulders with a strong wind at our back. Not that there were not some challenges. The past four days of rough pavement has put a pounding on our bikes and gear. I had one of my seat mounts come loose, and my Garmin eTrex turns itself off when left in its mount. It only works if I put it in my pocket. I think it has loose connection.

Jim has bigger troubles. His rear shifter fell apart in Aransas Pass. He is now riding a three speed. Good thing it's not hilly.

On the positive side of things, we are now in a more civilized area where not every restaurant is Mexican. For breakfast, I had grits and sausage and gravy over biscuits!

For lunch, we had a nice buffet. I had a whole plate piled high of nothing but puddings.

The Butter Churn was pretty cool. They let us bring our bikes inside.

They have this big mural on the wall in the park next door. This is in Sinton, TX. I think there should be a Truth in Mural law. If you are going to have a mural with the Confederate Flag, the Truth in Mural law requires there to be a bunch of guys in white robes standing around a lynching.

Further along the road in Skidmore, it was deja vu for Key West. We didn't eat at Dalia's, but I bet they have fresh eggs.

Our destination for today is Beeville. Beeville is a pretty cool town. It has a very picturesque downtown with lots of interesting buildings and a very cool courthouse, which looks like a beehive.

Here is our very posh campsite for the night. It is in the Red Dot of Quality, which is a very high quality Red Dot of Quality because it is newly renovated and has high speed wireless Internet.

We walked up the street to dinner at K-Bobs.

It was K-Bobs or the China Buffet. We chose K-Bobs because we thought it was more likely to have booze. We were disappointed. K-Bobs had lost its liquor license. We had an exceptionally ditzy waitress, who never brought us silverware (we stole some from another table) and she got my order wrong and brought me a baked potato with my slab instead of fried okra. I asked her if they lost their liquor licensed because she was selling beer to her underage friends. She denied responsibility.

Here is the map for today. 68 miles, still flat, winds from the souteast.

Here's the MotionBased link.

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Anonymous said...

Drew: We ate at K-bobs in Dumas, Tx this week (pronounced doom-us, although I'm sure neighboring high school sports teams us an alternate pronunciation!) It was OK. I had a Shiner Bock for $3.00, which is a pretty good price for a pretty good beer! The Dumas area is also very flat, very dry, and at least yesterday came with fierce winds and 'brownout' conditions from mixed dust and snow. Also feedlots and oil wells.

Great blog entries! Glad you had a good trip!