Thursday, March 22, 2007

T-Bone Back on the Road and Badder than Ever

Since I have the trike for touring, I've set the T-Bone up as a go-fast bike. It's not geared particularly low, the idea is I'll ride the Cobrabike in hilly terrain (brevets) and ride the T-Bone in the flats and commuting when I want to get where I'm going fast.

Here is the new gizmo on the T-Bone. Rotor Q-Rings.

The idea of the non-round chainring is you are pushing a higher gear when your leg has the most power.

These kick butt.

Two days ago I took the scenic route home up Gun Rd. and was pretty much as fast as the Cobrabike. MotionBased page here.

Today, I didn't realize how late it was, so I took the fastest, flattest route to get home before dark, and clobbered my best-ever time riding home from work. Average speed 21 mph over 10 miles. MotionBased page here.


Jimboblay said...

Whoa - smokin!

Anonymous said...

If you ever decide to sell it, I promise to keep inside a nice warm shop.