Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring bulbs

My bulbs just came in the mail. I can't plant them for a couple weeks, though. So all I can do is figure out where to put them.

Here's what I have:

Atom red small
Friendship pink
White Goddess white
Fidelio purple


Jersey Beauty 6-7 Pink
Old Gold 5-6 Gold
Kaiser Wilhelm 4-5 Yellow-Burgundy small
Arab Queen 4-5 Yellow-orange-bronze big
Juanita 4-5 Red big
Blue Danube 4-5 Lilac small
Winsome 4-5 Pink-yellow-orange
Nutley Sunrise 4-5 Pink-orange big
Deuil du Roi Albert 4-5 Purple-white
Mrs. de ver Warner 5-6 Lavender

C. Indica 3-5 green small red
Musifolia 8-12 green tiny red
Robert Kemp 6-7 green red
Florence Vaughan 4-6 green orange,yellow
Firebird 2-3 dk. grn red
Bangkok 3-4 striped yellow,white
Wyoming 3-5 bronze orange

Pictures are at Old House Gardens.

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SPN Bitch No More said...

Great posst thank you