Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Campeur Pics with Commuting Bags

I've got the bags I ordered for commuting now. They are made to order from Swift Industries in Seattle. It wasn't them who decided they should be purple.

I think the bags look fantastic with the honey leather and grey frame of the Campeur.

I tested them out riding to work this morning, they work great. My work clothes and tools go in the back, and my lunch goes in the front.

I didn't get the decaleur attached until this evening. If you look close, you can see the decaleur is for show, and there is a bungee cord doing the actual job. 

It seems you need a soldering iron to do the job. I don't use a soldering iron very often, and after spending a couple hours looking around for it, I gave up and went to Home Depot and bought a new one. Then there was a huge thunderstorm and the power went out. It was still out when I took these pictures.

Here's a picture of the Campeur on the Fourth of July. Notice how much better the new bags are compared to the nasty old trunk rack I dug out of the basement.

I have 125 miles or so now on the Campeur. It's not as fast and comfortable as a titanium recumbent or anything, but it's really nice. Gun Road is no biggie, I didn't even need the lowest gear.

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