Sunday, November 08, 2015

Flatbread 200K Report

Yesterday was the DC Randonneurs Flatbread 200k, which is an easy comfortable cruise across the Eastern Shore. Look how happy and relaxed I am at the end.

It took me 9 hours on the clock, 7:30 pedaling. I was easily in well before dark, but just barely before the battery died on my Garmin.

The ride started and finished in Centreville, MD. Here is the courthouse in the town square.

I stopped to take a picture at the first information control, which is only 8 miles from the start. After this, it started raining and I didn't take any more pictures because my phone was packed away where it would stay dry.

It rained all day. The first half of the ride, it was 60 degrees, with a slight tailwind, and light rain. I stopped for lunch at the Subway in Milton, Delaware, at mile 68.

Leaving the Subway, I found I had a flat. I found the responsible party, a piece of broken glass. This cost me 40 minutes, because I tried to patch the tube, and the tube exploded when I was putting it back on the bike. It worked fine with a fresh new tube. These tires are due for replacement.

The second half of the ride, it started raining moderately harder, but not bad. The temperature dropped steadily from 60 to 50, and the wind picked up. It was a headwind now. This was not the most pleasant riding conditions, but I was fine with my nice rain jacket. I didn't put on my rain pants, I was fine in a pair of light spandex tights. The rain stopped right before I got to the finish.

All in all, this was an easy cruise, and a nice confidence builder. I feel better today than I did after the very hilly 75 mile ride I did last week on the Campeur. It's probably because I ate lunch on this ride.

Here is the Strava page:

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