Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Erie Canal Tour Day 4 - Seneca Falls to Verona Beach State Park

Can it get any better?

High temperature today: 74.
Tailwind speed: 15 mph.
Hills? Not really.

We knocked out 71 miles, and were in to our camp ground before 4:00. It just doesn't get any better.

I'm really liking this new tent. It's super roomy, super compact to pack up, and it looks like it will be bulletproof in foul weather. This is our first time camping in it, other than a test run in the yard.

It replaces an awesome MSR Hubba Hubba that I had for about 10 years, which has a broken pole that I've been making do with for a couple years now.

The bike is looking very bike tourey now.

That's laundry hanging out to dry on the panniers. I'm not doing any laundromat visits this trip. We rinse the clothes out at night, hang them to dry on the bike, and wear them again. Max gets it.

Dinner was at a wonderful restaurant (Gary's) in the community of lakefront vacation homes next to the campground. Seafood, margaritas, homemade pie.

Max is refusing to let me take his picture. I have to sneak up on him.

It was all roads today, no trails at all. And we even ventured off NY Bike Route 5. It's basically regular old touring, no special route choices because of the boy. Who is rocking it. He's not particular tired.

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