Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Indiana Tour Day 4 - Noblesville to Peru

 We went to Howard County today. Not home to Howard County, Maryland, but to Howard County, Indiana. I feel like I know a lot about Howard County, Indiana, because of the number of times I have googled something for Howard County, Maryland, and gone to a Howard County, Indiana site by mistake, and read the whole web page before realizing something is not right here and I am in the wrong state.

Does that "Howard County Administrative Center" building in the background look like the George Howard building? See what I mean?

The county seat of Howard County, Indiana is Kokomo, which is a mid-sized industrial city, with at least two Chrysler (er, FCA) transmission plants in operation, because we rode by both of them. It also has two great rail trails, the Industrial Heritage Trail, and the Nickle Plate Trail. The Industrial Heritage trail goes by one abandoned factory after another. They should call it the "Making Lemonade Trail." We really liked these trails though.

Since it was supposed to be brutally hot again, and since we had a roaring tailwind and flat roads, we made an effort to get as much riding in as we could before lunch. We ate in Kokomo at 11:30, and covered 38 miles in 3 hours. Max and I can cruise on the flats with the tailwind and maintain 17 mph. Jim is slower.

We got into Peru by 3, after a very leisurely lunch. And the 20 miles after lunch turned out to be not so bad because we rode through a thunderstorm which cooled it off for a bit. We only got moderate rain for a little bit, and not a soaking.

We are in an AirBnB tonight. There are a bunch of naked ladies here. I took a picture of myself with them.

Actually, there are lots and lots of naked ladies all over Indiana. Who would have thought?

Our AirBnB is pretty nice.

It has some quirks. Like no shower, it has an ancient claw foot bath and a hand sprayer. Max was perplexed and annoyed by this.

Peru is the home town of Cole Porter. Our AirBnB is the "Cole Porter Inn", and it was his actual childhood home. We've been streaming Cole Porter songs on my phone all evening. Note to self, if you are going to show Max how great Cole Porter songs are, don't start with Billie Holliday singing "Let's Do It." The 1930s lyrics let's say haven't aged well. I got such a look of diapproval.

This is a neat old house, despite the quirks.

We walked about 4 blocks to "Smitty McMusselman's Pub and Grub", where we got way too much food because we were very hungry and the portions are huge. So we brought home lots of leftovers, which we will eat for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Here is the Strava track.

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