Friday, March 18, 2022

Spring Break 2022 Bike Tour Day 7 - Camilla to Americus

We are drowned rats. Two hours of soaking rain to finish up the day, with nonstop lightning and thunder.

And we knew it was coming. At lunch, we could see the giant wall of clouds coming. And the massive orange and yellow region on the weather radar already at our finish town 30 miles away.

"Tough it out, Dad." says Max.
We did. We have good rain gear, so we were fine. Temperatures were in the 50s.

When we finished, pretty much all our stuff was wet. Max is using my old Ortleib panniers, but he still had some wet clothes. I had all wet clothes, and all my electronics got wet. I may have ruined the big brick USB charger I use to charge all my devices. Max's chargers stayed dry, so I can use his.

First thing was some quality time at the Motel 6 Coin Laundry, to dry all our clothes out.

I could have done better packing to anticipate the rain. Just having a couple garbage bags to put my clothes stuff sacks in would have made a huge difference.

I've been watching this storm on the weather forecast for the last two days, and I totally thought we were going to beat the storm, right up until it suddenly as already there on the radar at lunch today. "Tough it out, Dad." Max totally doesn't care. We do have good rain gear.

The day started really great when we realized there was this awesome donut shack right across the highway from our Days Inn.

I am particularly impressed by the talent and skill in the Decorative Arts at this donut shack.

It was all two lane back roads today for nearly 70 miles, just like this. It was very flat.

Much of the time, the road ran parallel to a railroad track with cool old trestles.

There are a lot of pecan orchards here. We rode through about 30 miles of pecan orchards. Giant ancient pecan trees with clusters of mistletoe in the branches. Acres of new pecan seedlings. 

Lunch was at a Southern Buffet. (surprise!) Max says it's the fourth straight day of lunch at a Southern Buffet. He thinks this is a great thing. He is very happy. 

Since it rained all afternoon, we decided to have pizza delivered to our room at the 6 for dinner instead of going out to a restaurant. This was a good plan.

Here is the Strava track.

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Nick said...

Hope you have a dry trip tomorrow.