Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Monkey Mauled by Pit Bull in Patterson Park

Today Monkey was attacked and injured in Patterson Park by a vicious dog.

Monkey will be fine. He is spending the night at the vet. They had to anesthetize him to put a drain in his neck.

This is the dog that attacked and mauled Monkey. You can click on any of these pictures to make them bigger.

This is the owner of the dog that attacked and mauled Monkey.

This shows where the attack took place. The fence surrounds the childrens' playground.

Monkey was off the leash. I understand that I am in the wrong because Monkey was off leash. The dog that attacked Monkey was chained to the fence, as shown in the above pictures. Monkey trotted over to the dog as he normally does when introducing himself to a new dog. This dog bit him around the neck and held him down.

This dog did not let go as Monkey yelped in pain and fear. Monkey showed every sign of submission a dog can show, and the attacking dog kept its jaws clamped tight on Monkey's neck.

The dog was unattended when he attacked Monkey. The owner of the dog was playing with a little girl about 5 or 6 years old in the playground when the attack occurred. When he heard Monkey yelping in agony, he came over and after a couple minutes, managed to pry his dog's jaws off Monkey's neck.

I understand that this incident would not have happened if Monkey was on a leash, and I am responsible.

In order to prevent such an attack from occuring again, I feel obliged to make as many people as possible aware of this vicious dog and his owner.

This dog has mauled one dog, Monkey. I think it is very likely that he will attack again. Maybe the next dog that gets hurt will be a dog off leash. But maybe it will be a dog on a leash that walks by on the path. Maybe it will be a kid who walks by on the path as the dog is chained there unattended. Maybe the next person who gets mauled won't even be in the park. Maybe it will be the owner's little girl.


Anonymous said...

That you're smearing this guy's face around and condemning his dog to accusations that it's a violent rampaging killer is ridiculous. I'm sorry to take an opposing position on this but you're wrong in doing what you're doing. This dog has just as much right to go for a walk as any dog, especially when the owner leashes it, even moreso than a dog that's not on a leash.

I'd actually typed and re-typed the remainder of this comment about 3 times over the past couple of hours and each time it degraded into something of a personal attack. I've decided that it's just not fucking worth the shitstorm that will follow so I'll just reiterate that I feel very strongly that you are in the wrong here, and I don't mean about your dog. That's most certainly your fault. Running a minor league smear campaign against a guy who's far more responsible a dog owner than you are is petty and wrong.

Just sayin'.

Drew Roth said...

Tell it to the next person who's dog is attacked. That dog is a menace. People should know.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm truly glad that you're pup will be okay. It really is a scary thing when two dogs get into a serious altercation and I can understand you being upset. That being said, I do take issue with the fact that you are imply that this dog may attack a person or child thus becoming yet another sensationalized "man-eating pitbull". There is a huge difference between dog-dog aggression and dog-human aggression. While American Pitbull Terriers do sometimes exhibit dog-dog aggression, they rarely show any signs of aggression towards humans. In fact, they've had virtually all of it bred out of them. Additionally, I hope you didn't just assume that this dog is a Pit Bull Terrier. While it does look quite a bit like the breed, it also resembles an American Staffie and even an American Bull Dog.

I apologize if I'm being over-sebsitive about the subject, but as the bud of a great little ABPT we tend to deal with our fair share of unwarranted prejudice.

Again, I'm glad your little bud will be Ok.

Anonymous said...

Drew you're in the wrong for allowing your dog to approach a chained and unattended dog period. I also agree with the other poster who said that what you're doing is smearing this guy, you have no knowledge of this dog other that it hurt your dog. First of all, if you can't recall your dog you shouldn't have it off leash.

Drew Roth said...


As I said in my post, I know that this incident was my fault, and I was in the wrong for Monkey to be off the leash.

As you say, I don't know anything about the owner other than he has a vicious dog and he leaves it tied up to the fence around the playground unattended.

And it is true that Monkey will not come when called if another dog has his jaws clamped around Monkeys neck and is holding him down.

Anonymous said...

Monkey is a wonderful dog and I feel awful that he was attacked. Even though the dog was chained, the dog shouldn't have been near the children's playground if it has aggression problems.

Obviously, all of us who let our dogs off leash in the park know that these things can occur. But, we also expect other owners to be just as responsible for their dogs as we are for ours.

Ignore the comments by anonymous. You aren't running a smear campaign. You are simply letting all of us who have our dogs in the park on or off leash that this dog may not want to be friends with our dogs.

Any dog owner who has a dog that is not friendly to other dogs (like my own dog can be towards boxers), should really keep that dog supervised. Just because you leash a dog to a fence, doesn't mean that anyone or other dog approaching the dog is in the wrong, especially since this is a public park.

Again, thank you for letting us know what the dog and owner look like so we can keep an eye out for our dogs' safety.

Anonymous said...

drew: The next dog may actually be on a leash, and if it's not, it's the next owner's fault. Even then, you post this guy's face and call his dog a killer without any concrete evidence that his dog is violent other than that your dog was hurt because you're stupid. That's dumb and childish. I honestly hope your dog ends up OK. It is the only innocent thing in this ordeal. It could probably use a more careful owner. Your dog could be dead because you didn't leash it.

anonymous: True dat. Dog-dog aggression is a completely different thing entirely and if that other dog felt it was threatened, and it likely growled a lot which Monkey likely ignored. Dogs get into fights all the time and it doesn't make any of them a violent killing machine. It makes them dogs.

Rico: I'll argue that you shouldn't have your dog of a leash period. I don't give a rat's ass if you can recall it. It's illegal (and holy shit I'd do anything to actually have these laws enforced...maybe I'll take a picture of everybody I see with their dog off a leash and start a blog so I can post it and call them names for the slightest infraction), and it's negligent.

Drew again: You keep saying this dog is vicious but I honestly don't think that's the case. I think your dog was just the unfortunate victim of another dog's territorialism and you're trying desperately hard to blame somebody other than yourself. It almost sounds like you've absolved yourself of guilt anyway how you're jumping on the defensive so easily.

Oh, and I was actually the first commenter. I could swear I filled out my info, but maybe it reset after I typed, re-typed, deleted, and spent a couple hours not saying much. I just hate anonymous offense anonymous.

Drew Roth said...


I never said the other dog was a killer. I said he was vicious and I said he was a menace. I say this because he bit Monkey around the neck, and would not let go. When Monkey was yelping in pain and terror, he would not let go. When his owner came and told him to stop, he would not let go. His owner had to pry his jaws off Monkey's neck. That is my basis for calling the dog vicious.

My purpose in posting is to prevent incidents like this from happening in the future.

I take full responsibility for this incident. I want to do what I can so that it does not happen again.

Anonymous said...

Well call me silly but I don't think it's fair to this guy's privacy that you're doing this. I'd forgotten about the guy having to pry the jaws open, and I have no reason to disbelieve you so I'll assume it was true, and I apologize for that. That certainly would indicate that this other dog may be a bit more fierce than some others.

If your issue was with the dog, there's no reason to drag the guy into it. It's akin to slander, possibly libel, and that ain't cool.

Drew Roth said...

soapboxdevil: If you are in a public place, you do not have any right of privacy. Anyone can photograph any thing or person they want in a public place and publish it as they see fit. That's what "freedom of the press" means in the Bill of Rights.

With regard to libel and slander, you can't commit libel or slander by stating facts.

And last, by publishing pictures of the dog and his owner, it establishes that this dog has attacked and maimed another dog, and his owner is aware of that. If it happens again, the owner will not be able to claim it has never happened before. If the victim of the attack is not at fault as I was in this case, the victim will be able to get justice.

Kimpowerful said...

By the way, I'm also going to add that I appreciate seeing the dog in question.

Whether the dog is 'violent' or not, I'd just like to be aware that this dog has had a major, violent altercation with another dog. Just being aware of this (making no statements as to the dog or owner of said dog), I'll keep my Bullmastiff away.

In the past 7 years, my Bullmastiff has been attacked at Patterson Park by a 'pit bull', a Baltimore mix, a golden retriever mix, a toy poodle and 2 labradors. These were not light skirmishes and caused damage to my dog each time. This was evenly split between my dog being on or off leash, and the other dogs being on or off leash. I now keep away from ALL of those dogs when I see them, because I feel they have a tendancy to attack. Those who know my girl know that she is the mildest mannered of dogs, regardless of her heft. She is mainly disinterested in other dogs and rarely approaches. She prefers to watch what goes on around her unless she is very familiar with other dogs.

That said, I took responsibility during the times she was attacked when she was off the leash. My choice and I beared responsibility even though she did not do the attacking, approaching nor did she attack back. Drew took an admirable approach by indicating that he took responsibility for the dog being off leash.

All that said, I repeat that I appreciate seeing not only the dog but the owner of the dog, so that I can move out of range, on sight.

I also am personally bothered by the dog being left in the sun tied up near a children's park. As a dog owner, I find this bordering on irresponsible at the least. I can only hope it was a short few minutes that this dog was restrained, unattended in heat and humidity that we have had lately.

This particular dog is not the only one getting tied there, and I hope the 'rangers' are approaching owners and encouraging them to leave the dogs at home or with another adult, while playing at the park with kids. Any dog can be aggressive when on leash and approached by humans--adult or child--or dogs it does not know.

Anyway, just my thoughts. I don't think Drew needs to be beat up because he is helping those who want to steer clear of this dog and owner to do so.

Kim and Lida Mae

Karin & Thor said...

Hi Drew.

I'm so sorry to hear about this but am glad to know that Monkey is doing well and will recover. I absolutely agree that anyone who frequents the park should be familiar with this dog and it's owner.

I recall several dogs in the past that frequented the park with their owners who had been in multiple fights resulting in injury to always hear "Oh my gosh, he's never done that before". In fact I recall one dog that not only attacked Thor but upon discussion realizes that at least 3 other dogs had been attacked by this particular dog.

Take care of Monkey. I'm sure he'll be fine. As you probably have figured out, Thor and I moved about a year ago. Aside from all the crime issues, parking issues, the big tie keeping us there was no longer there for us. After being attacked by several dogs over the course of a couple of years and with arthritis setting in, Thor became very intolerant of certain dogs, any and all huskies and pratically all goldens (you can guess what he had been attacked by right?). He would shake when a dog he didn't know came near his back end, he was in tremendous pain. Going to the park became more and more stressful for him. He now enjoys his big fenced in back yard and I think we have his arthrisis pretty much under control (except when a cold front is coming through). He has started to become more relaxed with the dogs in the neighborhood but he seems to prefer people now. I know he would love to come visit but it sounds like things haven't changed too much. I'm sorry to hear that.

Take care of the little guy and good luck.

Drew Roth said...

Kim, Karin,

Thanks for the support. I miss Thor. He's a great old guy.