Thursday, June 29, 2006

Update on Monkey after Pit Bull Attack

Here is Monkey back from the vet. He has a drain tube in his neck.

He also has sutures above where the drain tube comes out on the bottom from a tear in his skin. There are several other puncture wounds besides the ones with the drain tube.

Monkey is on painkillers and antibiotics.

This is the dog that attacked Monkey.

This is the owner of the dog that attacked Monkey.

There is a description of the attack on this earlier blog entry. I want to make as many people as possible aware of this incident and the dog that attacked Monkey so that similar incidents do not happen again.

I am responsible for this incident because Monkey was off leash.


Anonymous said...

He does look terrible. I hope he recovers soon. I admire you for your conduct Drew. I would have smashed the bastard's head, and then I guess would address the issue with that imbecile piece of white trash that owns the animal pretty much in the same manner. This sort of thing does make my blood boil. I don't care whether your dog is on or off the leash so long as he is friendly. On the other hand it is quite obvious that even if chained to a post the other one is capable of inflicting a lot of damage. Leaving an unattended dangeorus dog, chained on a scorcher hot day like yestderday is irresponsible. If you own a dog that is incapable of interacting or tolerate other friendly dogs then you should not bring it to a public place. Also, to the moron a.k.a. "Anonymous" -- this is the reason why pretty soon you won't be able to own a Pit Bull or a Pit Bull type dog in the city. Love your dog whatever you want, but make sure you've trained him first and have a complete control over him. If not, then I would be forced to control your dog for you in case of a similar incident. And I can guarantee that the bloodshed wouldn't stop with my dog bleeding. You should have called the Animal Control. They're gung-ho on destroying Pit Bulls anyway and from what I've heard don't need many reasons to go ahead with it. That dog is a menace be it loose or chained.

Anonymous said...

You know, I try to be compassionate for someone elses dog, try to be an ambassador for the APBT breed, and some tool like you starts to spout. You're lipping off, and I'm guessing you weren't even involved!

What exactly is it that you find so 'moronic'? If anything you're the anus that is making idiotic statements about the owner, dog and city policy. You assume that this guy is clearly "white trash" (perhaps you were there???). You assume that he knows that his dog is "dangerous" (strictly because of his breed???). I've been biten twice at the park - never by a APBT even though I tend to play with them more than any other breed I come across. It's likely that his dog has never even gone after another dog. Many dogs have some sort of leash aggression when approached by a dog who is not on leash. And as far as the whole leashing thing goes, it was Monkey who was off leash (which is illegal) not the other dog. As far as having "complete control" over your dog, again, it seems that this was not the case with Mr. Drew and Monkey. When approaching another dog, it's good policy to ask the owner if their dog is friendly with other dogs. I have several 15 lb. dogs tear after my big, mean Pit Bull. It's next to impossible to determine a dogs disposition strictly by it's breed. I've seen many 'thugs' with mean-looking APBTs on the end of a chain that have turned out to be absolute sweethearts. The dog doesn't want the chain necklace, the dog doesn't want to be left out back in the dirt yard, the dog doesn't want to be forced to fight. It's ignorant clowns like you interacting with other clowns who own pitbulls that will get them outlawed.

Be careful confusing compassion with weakness. Since I don't know if the bottom half of your post was directed at me, I'll leave it at that.

Mr. Drew, it really is a shame that something like this happened. It seems that there were several factors that contributed to the confrontation. In any case, I'm glad to hear that Monkey is doing well and hope he makes a full recovery.

Anonymous said...

bram: What a prize you are. I especially love how you classify a guy as white trash without an inkling of insight into exactly who he is. What a fucking douche. You're the type of person that likely throws a hissy fit when you're judged for something you do or the way you look. I can't stand hypocrites.

You're also an idiot that you can't grasp the importance of leashing your dog for its own safety. Putting your dog on a leash has far more to do with protecting your dog from its environment than it does protecting other people from your dog. I've known friendly dogs to snap occasionally, so your friendly dog angle is bullshit. It shows that you know nothing about animal behavior and even less about caring for a pet.

This frustration and anger is what I fucking get for reading a blog I don't normally read. I was duped into reading it when I felt sorry for a dog, and I still do feel sorry for the dog. Those pictures are horrible and I wouldn't wish that sort of thing on any dog. I just don't feel sorry for the owner.

Dogs are animals. A-N-I-M-A-L-S! They are not human beings or even monkeys capable of even the most trivial forms of reasoning. If they see something shiny and chase it they don't always come when called. No amount of obedience training is going to take the animal out of the fucking dog. The truth is that you are NEVER in control of your dog. Sure, you can THINK you're in control of your dog, but you're a grade A fucktard if you think you have more control over your dog than instinct does.

Anonymous said...

To the pathetic whinging bitches:
Dogs are animals, true, however -- COMPANION ANIMALS! If you try you'll see that they can actually be trained and their instincts and behaviours managed. For the loose trap idiots like you, perhaps consider moving back to whatever Beavercreek flushed you out and run with the wolves there.

Cham said...

Funny that so many of you APBT have so much good to say about the breed. I had a greyhound attacked by an APBT. My grey was on a leash held by me, the APBT was inside a home. It pushed through the front screen door to get to me and my grey. It viciously attacked my dog, thank God she was on a leash. I nearly killed the APBT with my bare hounds. The white trash that owned that APBT graciously agreed to pay for all medical expenses related to the incident. The agreed not because they were such great people but they knew I was going to sue the pants off of them otherwise, as the law was clearly on my side.

A month later that APBT mysteriously disappeared from the home. I think the owners realized the dog could not be controlled and was a danger to society as this particular breed has proved itself time and time and time again.

Didn't Baltimore City pass a APBT law not too long ago? I think there is one in regards to this particular breed so check into it, you might have a suit case in the making. I hope you got the guy's name a number.

Drew Roth said...

Let me say that I am not looking for sympathy for myself, and I am not out to bash pit bulls. There are plenty of nice pit bulls in the park. Monkey has some good dog buddies who are pit bulls. Which may have contributed to the incident, since Monkey very happy to see dogs of certain breeds when he has good friends of that breed.

The problem is this individual dog.

It may well be that this is the first time that this dog has attacked another dog. But I will do my best to make sure that people are aware of this dog, so that there will be less opportunity for future attacks.

And if this dog does attack again, everyone will know it's not the first time. And everyone will know the owner knows it's not the first time.

Anonymous said...

1) It's 'whining' and not 'whinging.' If you're going to make even a half-assed attempt at belittling someone do try and make sure you can fucking spell first. It helps your argument a bit more. Instead you just make yourself look like an ignorant douche-tard. Congrats!

2) You seem to have this decidedly rabid fascination with assuming people are socially beneath you. It's an observation that pretty much solidifies my original belief that it's quite the opposite. You are, in fact, beneath me. I've decided it.

Personally, I was born and raised here in Baltimore. Maybe YOU were some backwater Beavercreek cousin fucker and have some residual resentment over that fact and feel the need to impose your own insecurities on other people.

Actually, since we're just assuming things about people we don't know I'll just commit that to memory that you fuck your cousins. It must be true because I said so. You are just too in tune with what makes one a backwater white trash dirtball. The only way to know one so specifically is to be one. Congrats again!

3) I never said I own a PBT. I actually own a pug, and he's as behaved as a pug puppy can be. The most he'll do is get really happy at you but I still leash him because I'm not some asshat hippie turned yuppie that treats their dogs like children. It's OK to acknowledge your pet as a part of your family. That's absolutely true. At the same time it's also just a dog, and to associate human level reasoning with it is downright stupid.

4) I've seen dog show performers bite their owners and piss on legs at the show (not while physically there but covered on television). These are people that obsess and spend probably more than any of us make in a year just primping and training their dogs to behave and obey to competition levels and yet these things still happen.

Sure dogs can be trained, and people spend fortunes doing it, but instinct is far more powerful. I'm asking myself what kind of a tool doesn't understand that, but I've got the answer in front of me.

5) I'm still marveling that people keep throwing around this 'white trash' label so easily. The simple truth of the matter as far as my experience goes is that the only people that really use that term to describe people exemplify the term themselves and simply use it to make themselves feel more validated as someone higher up on the social ladder.

6) Why the fuck am I wasting my time? Honestly, somebody tell me. I can't figure it out. I just have this thing where I try to correct stupidity and it just never ends.

Anonymous said...

Cham, how exactly is it that the APBT in general is "dangerous to society" as a whole the way they've "proven to be time and time again"? I'm fairly certain that banning a breed of dog isn't going to cure any massive social ills.

If you want to address the real issue here you need to go after the people who are over-breeding, mistreating, abusing and forcing this breed to fight. Do you really think these dogs say "hey, I really hope I get forced into a fight to the death today. And if I'm lucky enough to win today, I really hope I get to eat. That would be great!"? Try to be logical. You have to work extremely hard to get this breed to be an attacking menace. It's the bastards who mistreat these guys and the ignorant public (who believe everything that the media has to say) that is, in large part, responsible for their bad reputation.

I understand you being upset that your dog was attacked. Really. But my pup has been attacked by other breeds. Should I execute extreme prejudice against those particular breeds? It blows me away how some folks can be so damn hateful towards a dog. It doesn't make sense. Have you heard of "punish the deed not the breed"? Punish the ass on the human side of the leash (if he's clearly in the wrong), not the entire breed. It makes no sense.

The reason that there are so many PitBull rescue organizations is a testament to their stability and character. There is absolutely no other breed that can live the life that some of these dogs have lived, and still be the most loving of companions to their new adoptive family (including children). Hell, Petey of The Little Rascals was a APBT. The breed must be pretty solid if it can work on a movie set full of kids and not have any attacks. Many people adopt APBTs for the exact same reason that you adopted (I hope) your Greyhound. It's a breed that has suffered massively at the hands of humans. While I feel bad for the mistreatment of the Greys, I can positively say that it pales in comparison to what some of the APBTs have been through. And the really fucked up thing is that after they survive all the cruelty from the assholes, they still enloy loads of prejudice and persecution from the media and ignorant public. The media wouldn't know a APBT if one came up and licked them in the ass. Same goes for the general public. Many of the vicious attacks are carried out by mixes of breed. One of the most popular being the lab / pit mix. You get all the athleticism and strength of the Pit combined with all the nervousness and spasticity of a lab. Bad mix.

Believe it or not, APBTs score higher on the canine temperament test than many breeds. The ATTS Temperament Test focuses on and measures different aspects of temperament such as stability, shyness, aggressiveness, and friendliness as well as the dog's instinct for protectiveness towards its handler and/or self-preservation in the face of a threat. Of all the Pit Bulls tested, 83.5% passed; compared to 81% of Greyhounds and 76.9% of Italian Greys, 79.7% of Beagles, 81.7% of Cocker Spaniels, 83.7% of Goldens.

Drew Roth said...

The American Temperament Test Society page is at This is pretty interesting.

Whippets score 84.3%, with 178 dogs tested.

It looks like most breeds with a significant sample size score about the same.

I'm highly amused that my sister's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel love sponge cutie pie extremely annoying excuse for a dog only rates 79.1%.

Anonymous said...

drew: I'll bet when you posted that your dog was hurt that you never expected this shitstorm and I apologize for my part in that. I really do hope you're dog is OK. I just get a little cheesed that people don't leash their dogs. I have no beef with you and you've explained yourself time and again and you're peachy in my book.

bram: I'm going to retract the 'cousin fucker' remark, if possible, because in retrospect, while it really sounded funny in my head at the time, it was far out of line. I disagree with you on just about every point here and you jumped in with assumptions and name calling. I stooped to your level and that was really childish and stupid. I can apologize for the previous remark, as loathe as I am to take things back that I say, but I can't apologize about disagreeing. That's just something that we'll have to agree to disagree on. This makes me a pussy for saying something and taking it back but I'm fine with that. I'll lose about five seconds of sleep over it and I'll move on. I hope everybody else can too.

I'm just done with this and I can't stand having enemies. My foot is in my mouth and I suck.

Kimpowerful said...

Mr. Drew and Monkey.

Well, the important thing to me here is that Monkey is home and anticipated to recover.

This is really stirring the soup isnt' it?

Lida Mae looks forward to playing frisbee with Monkey and you again soon.

Kim and Lida Mae

Cham said...

soapboxdevil, I don't know if all APBT are white trash but with your language, there is absolutely no doubt about you. If you are trying to convey that APBTs are the pillars of society you are doing a good job of convincing everyone of the exact opposite.

Most house dogs are pleasant animals that do not attack other dogs. Some APBTs attack other dogs (as in this case) and small children with no provication and can't be controlled. Most breeds of dogs do not attack unless they are provoked.

APBT owners often train their dogs to be vicious, then realize they are in possession of an animal that is a danger to themselves, their family, other dogs and society in general. Often the owners figure this out after death and damage occurs. When I told the APBT owner to get her dog off of my dog she said she was way too terrified and refused to take action. Afterwards she apologized for not being able to stop her dog.

People don't know what they are getting into with this breed. I'd like to see them banned.

Anonymous said...

I believe that soapboxdevil actually has a pug, not an APBT. I ,however, do have an APBT and wonder if you meant to direct your comment at me. Again, I don't understand your logic in wanting to ban an entire breed of dog because of the actions of a few. If we were talking about human beings right now, what you propose would be akin to racial profiling and you more than likely would raise a few eyebrows with your implications.

Please re-read my post for some actual facts on the APBT. I also encourage you to do some OBJECTIVE research into the breed. It seems that you're judging the entire breed based on your limited interactions with some questionable owners. You also appear to be drawing some of your conclusions from the hardly-ever accurate, over-hyped, sensatioanlized media. Do you remeber a few summers ago when it seems like we heard about a new shark attack every week? It turns out that there were actually LESS shark attacks at U.S. beaches that summer than the previous 9 years. The media just realized that they had a story that people were fascinated/scared about. The same thing is happening right now with APBTs. A story hardly sounds as news-worthy if the dog involved was some mutt or lab mix (which is often the case). I've looked into attack stories from around the nation, and rarely does the dog even resemble a Pit Bull. Seriously. It's bullshit that these dogs are being blamed for atrocious acts that they're not even commiting. Ever wonder why the news is all murder, drugs, rape and the weather?

oknups said...

I was quite surprised that you let Monkey run loose.

Loose dogs and dogs that are on a leash longer than the stated leash law of a 6' leash are an issue with me. I ride through the park on occasion.

Given the nature of portions of your blog, I thought that you respected, and followed the law, expecting others to do the same, however trivial. Than again hind sight is 20/20, for us all.

I hope you do not take offense at this remark, and I am glad Monkey survived.

I was surprised that such a thing could happen.

Drew Roth said...


I admit there is some inconsistency on my part on being law abiding when it comes to the dog.

As it happens, Monkey has been off leash in the park every day pretty much of his five year life. Before that, there was Nipper who was off leash every day for her 11 years.

I let Monkey off leash because as a whippet he needs a good run to be happy, and dogs in general are happier and better socialized when they have lots of natural interaction with other dogs. The dogs that are a problem are the ones who are never off-leash. Such dogs don't know how to behave.

It would be wonderful if there was a designated off-leash area in the park.

Monkey does not care about cyclists, unless they are someone he knows. Then he herds them to me.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Drew. Wow my worst fears were realized about what could happen after your original post.
I make my living training dogs and the last eleven dogs in succession that were brought to me for dog agression were Doberman, German Shepherd, Fila Brasiliero, Westie, Pit Bull, Affenpincher, Jack Russell, Pit Bull mix, German Shepherd, Mini Poodle and a Beagle. I purposely held off writing early on because I was very upset at what I read. When people make threats of violence as one particular poster did and he wasn't even involved so 1) doesn't have all the facts and 2) doesn't know the owner or the dog it gets to be pretty scary. Dogs are dogs and they will act that way no matter how we treat or dress them, they know they are dogs. If you see any dogs fight they all look the same, vicious. Pits and most of your larger breed dogs can inflict some serious damage on another animal so they get noticed more. I was bitten by the Poodle, Shepherd and the Pit mix but I'm not calling for a ban on any of their breeds. There is thing known as the 'fight or flight syndrome', where if a dog is leashed and feels threatened it will fight and that same dog if it is off leash it may run away instead. After your dog was hurt there was an incident at my store where three dogs that come in for daycare went at each other simple because they were leashed and when they were off leash in the back they played with each other. I also agree that single out Pits is nothing short of Racial profiling, back in the mid 60's to about the mid 70's the breed that was vilified was the Doberman when indiscriminate breeders were putting together any two dogs without regard for temperament. Now you don't hear about the Doberman in that manner, we have a new breed to vilify.
My concern with many of the posts that I saw was that I thought we sank to a level below dogs with all the name calling and threats and the like. I was happy to see the apology for some of that. We may not all agree on everything but that doesn't mean that I should pound you physically to get you to see things my way.
I will end by saying again as a dog lover it saddens me when any dog gets hurt the way yours did, but if your dog had walked up on the dogs in my store the same thing would have happened and they are not Pits.