Thursday, August 03, 2006

Northern Illinois Day 3 - Mendota to Aurora

After the incredible heat of yesterday (high of 106) and the forcast saying more of the same, "Team in by 11" put the hammer down and took advantage of the howling tailwinds to be "Team in by 10". It was barely over 90 by then.

The route for today was still flat, and all corn and soybeans, but it did go through Paw Paw, Illinois. On my first ever bike tour, I went through Paw Paw, West Virginia. How's that for a web of coincidence. I should have had a plate of shrimp in Paw Paw.

Our camp site for the night was in West Aurora High School. We all camped out in the air conditioned field house. We had to wait around for volleyball practice to end.

This was a gigantic high school. Iwas talking to one of the administrators. He said they have 2200 students, and they are adding space for 300 more, and they building is something like 420000 square feet. It was pretty amazing. I walked all over it trying to find wifi. It has at least four different access points, but all of them were so slow they were unusable. I think somebody left their computer on over the summer, and it's now owned and sending out spam as fast as possible.

I rode about three miles with Laura to the movies in the hot hot heat. We saw Clerks 2. Laura stayed to watch two more movies, and I went to Popeye's for lunch, and then back to pursue my futile quest for Internet access in the sprawling educational complex.

Clerks 2 is everything you would want it to be. I was glad that even though Kevin Smith has made lots of movies with real budgets, Clerks 2 still is a zero-budget movie that wallows in it's New Jerseyness to the maximum extent possible.

The ride for today was the flattest yet with the strongest tailwinds yet. We had a clock average of well over 15 mph.

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