Thursday, August 03, 2006

Northern Illinois Day 2 - Geneseo to Mendota

It was hot, hot, hot. Laura said there was no way we could ride in 100 degree head. I told her don't worry, we won't be riding in the heat because we are going to get going early, not dawdle, and be in early. I said we are "Team in by 11".

She scoffed ("Can't we be Team in by 1? I want to take pictures.") but we were in fact in by 11, which is a good thing, because it got up to 106 degrees.

Nonetheless, I took a couple pictures in La Moille, Illinois. My great-grandparents lived in La Moille, Minnesota. How many La Moille's are there?

There wasn't much in Mendota. Not even a movie theater. We went to lunch at Pizza Hut and since it was too hot to deal with the pool, we hid in the library for most of the afternoon.

We were staying at an elementary school. The plan was for us to stay in the gym, but it wasn't air conditioned, and due to the extreme heat, the school administrators took pity on us and let us stay in the library, which had a window unit.

It was an easy ride. It was flat with a tailwind. We made great time and covered 70 miles in about 5 hours clock time. The scenery was corn and soybeans.

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