Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting the garden ready - with MANURE!

The garden is laid out, the beds are tilled, and now it's time to add the manure!

Debra wouldn't let me put manure in the back of her Element. I promised to put down a blue tarp, but she didn't care. So I had to get a hitch and a U-Haul trailer.

It took me awhile to figure out where to get the manure. I was using the Google and the technology, and having no luck. Then when I was riding a lap on the BWI trail last weekend, there it was. Right under my nose the whole time. It's at the county park with the horses by Linwhatever Middle School. They were glad to get rid of the manure, and loaded it up for me with a front loader. Awesome.
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Anonymous said...

Goats, when are you getting your own?
Just like West Virgina, only closer,
slightly removed from the rest of the world, and closer.

I would however recommend a Jacobs sheep "" over a goat, the wow factor with thier horns, is very big. There is a local breeder in Harford County.
Of course you would no longer need to cut the lawn.

Drew Roth said...

S., It's horse manure. Madame Goat left manure all over the street but none in the house. Debra looked, because I told her of course I didn't let a goat in her kitchen, it was a photoshop job. She initially believed this story, but came to have doubts, so she went on a quest for goat poop.

Uncle Jake says goat manure is the best because goats fully digest the seeds, so you don't get weeds in your garden.

That Jacob Sheep looks way cool. I wonder if a Jacob Sheep would play with Monkey.