Saturday, November 12, 2016

Coffeneuring 2016 Ride 6 - 7-Eleven, US Route 1, Elkridge MD.

Can you believe it's week 6, and I still haven't had to go more than two miles from home to find a cup of coffee on Route 1?

This week on the "Commuting in the Route 1 Corridor" theme-within-a-theme, it's 7-Eleven. This is at the intersection of Route 1 and Rowanberry Drive, across Rowanberry from the big pile of dirt and hole in the ground which is the site of our once and future library.

My coffee drink this week was "coffee". This was not just coffee, I suppose. It was 7-E's "Regular Exclusive" coffee, which pretty much covers all the bases. I mean I'm a pretty regular guy, and I am happy that 7-E has made some coffee just for me. You know, exclusive. For regular people. Like me.

Amenities for bikers include these steps here, where you can sit and drink your coffee. The Seven-11 also has a wall, which is the front of the building, which you can lean your bike against.

Access is easy from the west via Rowanberry, but to continue on you have to ride a bit along Route 1, which is never enjoyable.

I had a "breakfast bite" to go with my coffee. The checkout guy noticed me hungrily eyeing the cylinder-shaped meat products turning on rollers on the front counter, and talked me into buying it. It was pretty good.

I don't know why the breakfast bite is moving back and forth like this. I think it's probably a feature of my Google phone, which must automatically detect pictures of food and do this to make it look even more tasty.

This coffeeneuring stop added no extra miles to my commute of 10.6 miles, because I discovered a secret path through the bushes where you can carry your bike over the CSX train tracks. 

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