Friday, November 04, 2016

Coffeeneuring 2016 Ride 5 - Elkridge Deli Cafe, US 1, Elkridge Maryland

For week 5, I'm across the street from Cindy's Soft Serve, at the Elkridge Deli Cafe. The "Commuting in the Route 1 Corridor" theme is still going strong.

I've never been to the Elkridge Deli Cafe before. I'd never even noticed it until I searched on Google to figure out more places I could get coffee on the way to work. What we have here is a very small cafe in a strip shopping center, run by an Asian couple. Decor is worn formica as you can see.


My coffee drink was "coffee", which came with free refills. I got some oatmeal to go with it.

Amenities for bikers include a wall you can lean your bike against. Access is from Route 1, which is never fun, although you can cut through the parking lot of the shopping center across the street from Montgomery Road. 

This coffeeneuring event added 1.1 miles to my normal 10.6 mile commute.

There were three other customers, who were all old white men. I doubt they would have been there if the Legion Hall was open at 7:00 AM. One of them had a baseball cap with a giant handgun on it that said PROTECTED BY THE SECOND AMENDMENT.

There are other handy shops in this shopping strip. You can get a tan, you can get your vaping supplies, you can go to the Oriental Spa.

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