Friday, June 17, 2022

Home from Maine 2022 Day 11 - Port Jervis, NY to Belvidere, NJ

 It was a hot one today, temperatures in the low 90s, and we knew it was going to be hot. And we knew that if we got going early, it would be a much pleasant day. However, somebody would not get out of bed until after 8 and we were not done with breakfast and on our bikes until nearly 10. It was hot.

First thing was to ride across the river to Pennsylvania.

We spent almost the entire day riding through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Over 40 miles, I think. We stayed on the Pennsylvania side, where the roads were allegedly paved, but there were miles of milled pavement awaiting resurfacing, which was not fun.

The Delaware Water Gap NRA is quite scenic, and the forest cover helps with the heat. There was not much traffic to deal with either. I would ride again. I did once before, about 25 years ago.

Max hit some road debris and got a pinch flat while descending into the Delaware Water Gap proper. We need to get to a bike shop tomorrow for tubes, and CO2 inflators, and a new water bottle to replace the one Max left in a restaurant a couple days ago. Max got to cool down by sitting under a shady tree while I fixed his tire. He's had 3 flats so far. I've had one.

Since we had just had a break, I proceeded past the much anticipated ice cream shop right before you get to the river. There was another one five miles further along. This did not make the boy happy. "I sure am hungry." "Bike touring is about despair, Dad." On and on.

Eventually, despair was overcome and now everyone is happy.

When we were done with the Delaware Water Gap, we switched over to the New Jersey side of the river.

There is a bike/ped bridge to go across.

And all of a sudden, the shoulders were wide and glassy smooth, and there was no milled pavement anywhere.

And just a few miles more later, we are in our lovely air conditioned historic hotel.

There is no restaurant in this one, so we walked a couple blocks for pizza and a calzone. The pizza place was the only place open where you could sit and eat.

The walk gave me a chance to admire some of the many cool old buildings in town. I especially liked these two old mills.

Max is very sick of me going on about cool old buildings. "Those are just barns, Dad." "No, look how they repaired the brick over the white door!"

The Strava track today is in two parts because I accidentally saved it instead of pausing it like I meant to when we stopped to fix Max's flat tire.

Part 1
Part 2

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