Monday, June 13, 2022

Home from Maine 2022 Day 6 - Boston to Sutton, MA

 We are camped at the Sutton Hills Camping Area near Manchaug Pond.

We cooked at the campsite, and then covered everything up because it's going to rain all night.

Here we are leaving Boston. Max is not happy. He wants to go home with Debra so he can spend the next week playing computer games with his friends instead of bike touring. "Two weeks is too long, Dad." He said he is never going to be happy in a picture again.

He has all summer to play computer games. Once we set out riding he cheered right up.

I didn't take any pictures of the ride. It was 47 miles with plenty of climbing. Leaving Boston was easy, we went out on Beacon Street the whole way, parallel to the commuter rail line. Nice bike lanes clear to Framingham. After that, it got much more hilly.

We had lunch at a tavern in Upton, and then stocked up on groceries at a supermarket in Whitinsville. The snack bag is overflowing.

Dinner was pasta with marinara sauce and an old backpacker meal for me. The backpacker meal is left over from when I rode the GAP and C&O a couple years ago, but it says it's good until 2025. It was OK.

I don't have a pot big enough to cook enough pasta for both of us.

This is one of those campsites where most of the residents are permanent. You can tell because they have built porches onto their RVs. I'm in a tent area, the other two tent campers are also apparently hear for the long haul. One of them said he's been here for a week since his girlfriend kicked him out, but he is working. It's a really nice campground, though.

Here is the Strava track.

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