Sunday, August 21, 2005

Welcome to the VC Blog

This blog is intended to replace the viciouscircle e-mail list.

I set viciouscircle up about 10 years ago because all my friends were sending rude e-mails around to one another, and then there would be a flood of responses back saying "Please take me off the cc list for this, I am at WORK." I couldn't remember who I could send what, so I set up the e-mail list with these rule:

1. You can send anything you want, if you don't like that, don't subscribe with your work address.
2. Except you can't forward stupid jokes and urban legends that you think are cute that someone has sent you, because we all have 10 copies of the stupid joke in our inbox already.

As with the viciouscircle e-mail list, I am a dictator, I decide who gets on, and I decide what's allowed.

If I have not invited you, send me an e-mail explaining why you are my friend. If I am convinced you are my friend, I will add you to the blog. Be advised I will most likely put your e-mail on the blog as well.


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