Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ESPN Zone Response - It Wasn't Us

Here is the response I got to my e-mail complaining about the security guards in front of their building:

Dear Mr. [Drew]:

First of all, let me apologize for your unpleasant experience on March 17th.

I would like you to know that ESPN Zone does not employ security guards from Inner Harbor Security. The security personnel you encountered are employed by the Cordish Company, developers of the Power Plant, Power Plant Live and other concepts in Baltimore and around the country. The headquarters for the Power Plant is at 601 E Pratt Street, in the Power Plant Building. Their security guards patrol the Power Plant, the front promenade, as well as the side and back of the building.

Furthermore, when ESPN Zone utilizes the trolley lane for television broadcast trucks, etc., we have to work with the Baltimore City office of Permits in order to secure a permit to block this area. We did not have a special event on March 17th to warrant anyone parking in that lane, so the bus you mentioned in your email was not part of special parking arranged by ESPN Zone.

Scott Hutchison
General Manager
ESPNZone - Baltimore
[phone number removed]


Fair enough.

I will have to get after Cordish. I haven't seen any security guards there since I sent my original e-mail, however.

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