Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Trolley Lane is all clear - for cab drivers

So now that the tour buses have been run off from in front of the ESPN Zone, the cabs are back using it as an illegal cab stand. When they saw me whip out the camera, they hustled off.

The same security guard who told me a pile of lies last week about how buses were allowed to park here came over to talk to me, but he didn't have much to say beyone "enjoy your ride."

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Cham said...

This morning downtown was at full gridlock. Why? Because the traffic control officer who normally stands at the intersection of Light and Conway controlling traffic and making sure people don't block the intersection was snuggly ensconsed in her car talking incessantly on her cell phone. Normally I would be writing the mayor, getting the name of her boss and making sure holy terror would be reigning upon her, but I have exactly 6.5 more commuting days left until I start my new job and work out of my house. Somebody else can worry about the traffic, I'm done.

I am at peace with the world.