Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tour Buses vs. my bike in the Inner Harbor I - Paradise Vacations

I've decided to always carry my camera with me while bike riding to document the ridiculous situation with the Trolley Lane along Pratt Street.

I rode in to work on Saturday afternoon, March 18. I passed through the Inner Harbor about 3:00 PM. Sure enough, there was an illegally parked tour bus blocking the way.

Here is the NO STOPPING sign in front of the bus, along with a sign making it clear I'm not supposed to be riding on the sidewalk in front of the ESPN Zone.

Here is the tour bus driver. He looks nice now, but he later came out of the bus and tried to pick a fight.

Here is a sign in the bus window.

Here is the sign on the side of the bus saying who is the operator.

And here is the NO STOPPING sign right behind the bus.

No security guards were involved in this episode.

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