Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bike Lane or Parking Lot

Today the trolley lane was a parking lot in the morning as well as the afternoon.

This morning, at around 7:20, there were two landscaping trucks completely blocking the trolley lane between the aquarium and the world trade center. The third picture shows the boss man (the guy growing a tumor on his lower lip) and his herd of Mexicans.

The boss man said he was hired by the National Aquarium, and the Aquarium told him to park in the trolley lane. I told him what makes him think the Aquarium has the authority to block a public right-of-way? He was actually very polite, and he said he understood my frustration and he would no longer park there. There is plenty of room for the landscaping trucks in the pulloff on Pier 4.

Just a short ways down in front of the Pratt Street Pavillion is this guy. Note in the second picture, there is plenty of room for him to pull off into the area for unloading trucks. But he has chosen not to do so. I asked him why, and he said if you pull in there you can get blocked in. So instead, he blocks everyone else.

Around the corner on Light Street, right before the pedestrian bridge, is another food service truck. He wasn't unloading, he was just parked there. He has to go past a big "DO NOT ENTER" sign to get where he was. When he saw me taking pictures, he backed out and left.

Now for this evening. The return of the tour buses. This is just after 7:00, in front of the ESPN Zone. He pulled out when he saw me taking pictures.

There was only one cab driver today.

And one idiot woman, who decides to block the trolley lane even though she could go 10 feet ahead into a pull-off area.


Cham said...

I've been smiling and happy for 3 weeks now. Happiness is getting a little old and is starting to wear on me. Why don't you give me a phone number, the name of a person and few facts about this bike lane blockage, and I will be thrilled to tear the person of your choosing a new asshole.

I feel my skillset is getting rusty.

Drew Roth said...


How about a little bike ride? Just ride down the trolley lane yourself, and there will be abundant opportunity to practice your oriface-creation skills. Don't forget your camera!

Cham said...

You will be happy to know that I biked the trolley lane myself on Sunday. I found one cab and my beloved Discovery Ducks blocking the lane. In your honor, I yelled at both of them. It was refreshing.

The Discovery Ducks man yelled back that he had a permit to be there. I quickly I responded that I didn't care. Small wonder the lane was all cleared for you by Monday.

You're welcome. ;)