Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Letter to 2KSports about their ad bus illegally parked in the bike lane

I just posted the following on the 2KSports 2K6 Major League Baseball forum, at


I commute on my bike through the middle of Baltimore every day. There is one safe and legal route through downtown.

Today, there was a tour bus pulling a trailer parked in the middle of the bike route completely blocking it. Here is a posting on my blog, with pictures:

As you can see in the pictures, the tour bus is parked in front of a "NO STOPPING" sign, and the bus is wrapped with a giant advertisement for 2K6 Major League Baseball. And the bus completely blocks the way for cyclists such as myself.

The bus was parked in front of the ESPNZone Baltimore on Pratt Street in the Inner Harbor. It appears that 2KSports is attempting to advertise their video game with this bus.

I find this obnoxious. Just because you want to promote your product doesn't mean you can park illegally and deny everyone else use of the public right-of-way.

This letter will be posted to my blog as well, and sent to the bikehon e-mail list, which is a list for Baltimore bicycle activists.

Any response from 2KSports explaining themselves will also be posted to my blog.


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