Friday, July 28, 2006

RAGBRAI Day 6 - Coralville Update

It sure was hot in Coralville today.

They have a real nice pool just a short walk from camp.

This is a very fancy pool. They have this contraption that spews water all over when you twist various valves on the bottom. The valves are set at the height of a six year old.

I think normally there aren't a bunch of sweaty bikers sitting under it.

But the most amazing thing is this water slide. They have a regular water slide (purple on the right), but the orange thing is the "Space Bowl".

It's really a toilet bowl. You slide down the intestine (orange tube) and then swirl around bowl a couple times then you get flushed out the bottom. This thing is absurdly popular. The wait was about a half hour.

I called it the toilet bowl while describing it on the phone to Laura, who was on her way to the mall on the shuttle bus to see movies. Some kid overheard and a couple minutes later all the kids were calling it the toilet bowl. Maybe this is the RAGBRAI legacy for Coralville.

The pool is next to the beer garden. I was sitting and reading a book. I'd plunge in the pool every 20 minutes to cool off. I got to hear all the bands play. The bands were remarkably good. They just had an amazing Salsa band doing Afro-Cuban jazz numbers. I think Coralville is a posh suburb of somewhere, because this is way different than Van Halen covers next to the swine barn. Also the food stands had a wide variety of different foods, many of which did not involve pork.

I had brats anyway.

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