Friday, July 28, 2006

RAGBRAI Day 6 - Marengo to Coralville

Hello from Coralville!

Today was a short and easy day, only 48 miles and often flat. I took my first stop, which was just a Kybo break in Harwood. Here is the whole town of Harwood.

Despite the fact that the town consists of a house, church, and church hall, they had live entertainment! At 8 in the morning! These guys were really good. I heard them riding out, and I thought it was a Stanley Brothers CD, but it was a live band. They were very old-time bluegrass.

I held off eating until Pastafari at mile 38.

Pastafari is a RAGBRAI institution. They set up a pasta stand in a cornfield and blast reggae. They have nothing to do with the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I got in to camp at 10:00, before the heat set in. I snagged an excellent spot which will be in the shade pretty soon.

Last night about 7:00 we have a bunch of hot air balloons fly over the fairgrounds.

Here they are passing over the beer garden.

It turns out our little mud pit beer garden was not the main beer garden, but a special auxilliary beer garden just for us. I felt bad for the band, because nobody who wasn't a family member wanted to stand in the mud pit to watch them play Van Halen covers. You can see the whole extent of the crowd there.

Anyway, here's the quick and easy route for today.

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