Sunday, July 30, 2006

Northern Illinois Day 1 - Muscatine to Geneseo

Here we go! The first annual Northern Illinois Bike Ride, from RAGBRAI to Chicago!

This is a supported tour. Like RAGBRAI, the organizers haul your stuff from overnight town to overnight town. Unlike the Des Moines Cycle Club, the organizers expect your bags to be on the trailer at 5:45 AM.

So here is a sight probably never before recorded: Laura awake and ready to go before 6:00 am.

It is a very very good idea to get going early, because it's insanely hot, with highs near 100 and the heat index is around 110 degrees.

Here's the state line, at the Mississippi River.

And here's Laura at the sign welcoming us to Illinois.

I wonder if our first stop town is representative of Illinois. The town is Buffalo Prairie. We stopped at what appears to be the only business in town, Reason's Meats, a butcher. I think they render.

Outside next door, there is a demolition derby car to lean on.

Inside they have tons of tasty pig ears and knuckles for the pup.

They also have jerky from about 10 different kinds of animals.

We got in to Geneseo just after 11:00, before the hot hot heat really set in. Downtown Geneseo is from around 1900, and it is very picturesque. Here is where we had lunch.

After lunch, we beat the heat by spending the afternoon at the pool.

After our swim, Laura went bowling, and I went out and had a big slab. Life is good.

Here's the route. It was flat and easy, except for the heat.

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