Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting Going on the Garden

Since I only rode half a fleche, I could do stuff the next day besides lying on the coach sleeping.

So I planted my potatoes. This meant finding straw, which is not something you realize is hard to find until you need some. After driving all over creation, I got lucky at Watson's in Towson. It was $11/bale though, which seems outrageous to me.

The potato varieties I planted are (left to right)
Yukon Gold
Rose Gold
All Blue
All Red
Red Cloud
Island Sunshine

The seed potatoes came from Wood Prairie Farm in Maine.
I got three seed potatoes of each variety, and I cut one of each in half, so if all goes well I'll have 32 plants.

Tonight I planted my tomatoes.

This year's varieties are:

Black Krim
Cherokee Purple
Anana's Noir
Suddith's Strain Brandywine
Greater Baltimore
Australian Giant Oxheart
Livingston's Honor Bright
Amana Orange
Lillian's Yellow
Green Moldovan
Hank (a bonus from Tomato Bob, from whom I bought beets)

These all came from Victory Seeds and Baker Creek.

I also planted these varieties from some leftover seeds I found in the drawer from last year:
Kellogg's Breakfast
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Green Zebra

If any of these come up, I'll try and make room.

Here is the first tulip.

Max is crazy about flowers. He insists on walking around the yard every morning and afternoon inspecting the flowers. This is apparently genetic. He can say "crocus", "tulip", and "daffodil". But mostly he just shouts "FLOWER FLOWER FLOWER".

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