Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Tour Day 8 - Wild Times in Little Rock

Yesterday was our cushion day, so we set out to see how much fun we could have in Little Rock.

Here is the big city skyline from the freeway overpass at the airport. We're in a cheap motel way out here.

So many enticements.

The big event of the day was the St. Patrick's day parade, everyone was there! This is the Arkansas Search and Rescue Dog Society.

Here are some guys playing Irish music in the hay trailer.

Kids on ponies!

Weird bikes!

This group was called the "Results Getters". I'm figuring it's a weight-loss club.

An antique tractor!

While we were out, they cleaned our room, which was a disaster area with stuff strewn all over. What's great here is they restrewed the stuff on the newly made bed so everything was just as it was before.

After I packed my trike, we went back downtown for dinner. We spent some time at the Irish bar at the end of the parade route, which was mobbed, both from the St. Patrick's day crowd and from Arkansas game underway in the SEC semifinals. (Arkansas won in the last seconds, causing complete pandemonium, which was fun.) Then there was Irish music from the guys in the hay wagon and dancing.

We walked back across the river to find food, but instead there was Art.

We went to The Flying Fish for food, because we were impressed with the wall of adopted bass.

Yes, they are all Big Mouth Billy Bass, that sing "Take Me to the River" when you push the button.

I got a plate of crawfish, which was very disappointing, since they apparently were sitting in the boiler all day.

I suspect that the bar district in Little Rock is an attempt by developers to manufacture nightlife so they can sell condos. There is a lot of development downtown, for no discernible reason. It's kind of like the Inner Harbor, where they pay people to perform to create the impression that there is stuff happening there.

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