Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Tour Day 7 - Hot Springs to Little Rock, AR

We're done! It's all over. Another bike tour has come to an end.

Sometimes when you ride your bike into a state, you can't help but be impressed by the natural beauty of the state and the rugged character and pride of the people. Montana was like that for me.

We are in Arkansas.

There was a tiny bit of Hot Springs that was scenic and interesting. There is a row of historic spas and an approach with a fountain that has been preserved as a national park.

There are lots of interesting shops and old hotels in the Hot Springs historic district. It's pretty cool, and you don't have to have breakfast at a Waffle House.

It was only 60 miles today, but the first half was very hilly, there was a big climb out of Hot Springs. By lunch, at Ed and Kay's in Benton, it was pretty flat and it stayed that way.

Ed and Kay's was pretty good, but there was some kind of dust in the air blown around by all the ceiling fans that did in my contacts. I put on my glasses, but I could still barely see. After about an hour down the road it went away.

The first half of the ride was scenic, but there was a lot more traffic. After Benton, we rode the frontage road on I-30, which was smooth and flat, but generally unpleasant.

Little Rock is quite a dump. We rode in through some serious ghetto slums, but we did get to admire all the nice rims on all the old beater cars. The south side of Little Rock is also very hilly, including a short hill just 2 miles from the end of the ride that had a 16% grade! Yow.

I can't believe people from Arkansas run for president. America needs to visit Little Rock more.

Today Jim is very excited to go to the St. Patrick's Day parade. We have already established that there will be a Shamrock Lawn Care float. I will bring my camcorder.

Here is the MotionBased page.

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