Monday, July 26, 2010

RAGBRAI Day 1 - Sioux City to Storm Lake

Here is the end of a pretty hard day 1, in beautiful Storm Lake.

It was 71 miles of nonstop rolling hills, not what you would expect from what has been billed as the third flattest RAGBRAI ever. The rest of this must be on a salt lake bed.

Here is a picture I took, but now I don't remember where. It doesn't matter, almost every town in Iowa looks like this. You have your grain elevator, your half-abandoned main street, and lots of bikes hung on a steel cable strung between two tractors.

I had lunch at Pastafari, an old favorite. It was as delicious as ever, penne pasta with spicy red sauce and a slab of Rosemary-encrusted salmon.

Since I rode by myself, Pastafari was for breakfast, around 9:30.

I got in to Storm Lake just after noon. Our camp site was on the lakefront, it was spectacular.

The water was terrific, no need to wait in line for a shower.

The temperature was in the upper 80s. I wound up with some pain in my ankles, which I decided was probably because the boom was extended too far. I moved it in a half inch.

Here is the Garmin Connect link for the map:

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