Saturday, July 31, 2010

RAGBRAI Day 6 - Waterloo to Manchester

If I look soggy it's because I am. It was 65 miles, and it started raining 3 miles after I left Waterloo. It stopped the moment I arrived at camp. From then on, it was beautiful. During the ride it was all downpour, thunder, and lightning. I should have slept in.

I didn't take any pictures during the ride because my camera was packed away safe and dry.

Look what I found in the microbrew cooler:

It's from Stanley, Iowa. It must be good because it has a train on the label, just like Night Train Express. It is in fact very tasty. I had a Moose Drool today too!

I had ambitions to go to the church supper (serving 4-8) and eat a mountain of spaghetti, but I foolishly waited for my friends. I gave up on them around 6:30, and went alone. The line was a block long. So instead, I went to the legion hall.

They were serving "beef on a stick" (if you are in the American Legion, you are not allowed to eat terrorist food like kabobs.) And they were also serving up Bloody Marys. So I had my thing which I will not call a kabob, and my blatantly obvious cocktail while sitting on a picnic table in the middle of the street, several blocks from the beer garden. Some things you can get away with if you are the American Legion.

But I was still hungry. I think it's because I rode the 65 miles straight through without any stopping what so ever, because I was soaked, and if you stop, you get cold. So if I'm wet, I don't stop until I'm somewhere I know I can get warm and dry.

Anyway, I had a tasty, delicious brat, which, can you believe it, was sold to me by the Delaware County Pork Queen (2009-2010).

It's not every day you meet a pork queen.

Back at camp, later, one of my fellow campers brought forth this specimen to share with all. This is Marquette Maid "Big Red" raspberry wine, brewed in Iowa of course.

It tasted not unlike blue Powerade.

All in all, this was quite a satisfying day of Iowa in all her glory, despite the rain.

Here is the route for today.

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