Monday, July 26, 2010

RAGBRAI Day 2 - Storm Lake to Algona

Today was Century Day. It was flat, with a strong tailwind for about half the route.

I did it with jut under 6 hours of pedal time. I feel great.

Here are Suzanne and Laura back at Storm Lake, first thing in the morning. Laura insisted on taking a bunch of pictures.

I stopped for a pulled pork sandwich in Pocahontas. I'm way ahead of the pack here. It's about 8:30 at this point.

The Century Loop is an optional add-on you can do on top of the regular route to have a hundred mile day. The Century Loop will typically pick up another town. This year it was Rolfe. Rolfe has a grain elevator on the railroad tracks. There were no signs of life.

On my second pass through Plover, I stopped for a smoothie at old favorite Garden of Eden. This is after 66 miles.

I suspect this is the youngest rider on RAGBRAI. I forget the town. I didn't see him on the century loop.

I got in about 1:00, set the tent up, showered, and relaxed all afternoon.

The park we are camped at in Algona has a terrific playground. Max is missing out.

The easiest way to get a shower is to go to a shower truck. This is a semi truck with showers inside. They have a big natural gas heater to warm the water, which they get from a fire hydrant. The shower truck is a better option than stuff like showers at the high school or pool, because they don't run out of hot water.

I asked the lady selling showers what the shower truck does when it's not RAGBRAI. She said it goes to Sturgis, and similar biker rallies.

Here is the obscure beer selection of the day. "Supper Club" from the Capital Brewery of Middleton, Wisconsin. If you look close on the right side of the label, it has the slogan "Not Bad".

Here is the route from today:

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