Wednesday, August 04, 2010

POST RAGBRAI Day 4 - Holiday City to Milan, OH

Here I am at the 6 in Milan (pronounced MY-ln) Ohio. It's brutally humid, and 90 degrees out.

I rode 116 miles today. It was actually a pretty nice day, because around noon there was a massive thunderstorm, which was very refreshing. That blast of wind right before the rain hits was at my back, and I kept it that way for about 10 miles.

It was flat flat flat all day, lots of corn and soybeans. Then, for no apparent reason, there is a big steel mill.

Then it's back to corn and soybeans. I have no idea why this steel mill is there. It's about 20 miles southwest of Toledo. There is no body of water nearby. I doubt there is a bunch of iron ore or coal buried beneath the crops. It's just a mystery.

I had Subway for breakfast. I don't know why. This was in West Unity. I went looking for a nice long rail trail (The Wabash Cannonball Trail) that was on the Google, but it was not paved and very overgrown. So I had a tuna sub at 8:30 am.

I didn't take any other pictures because the camera was backed away where it was dry. I spend a lot of the day riding on US 20, and I should have taken some pictures of that so I remember not to do it again. It's a divided highway with a narrow shoulder. They put rumble strips in what shoulder there was. It was very bad.

Here is the campsite for tonight.

I feel much better physically today than I did yesterday. My stomach is good, my knees and ankles are good. All is well. I stuffed myself at the Italian restaurant in the Super 8 across the street. I had fried perch (yum!) with a bowl of pasta on the side. That should be good for major miles tomorrow.

Here is the track for today's ride.

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