Sunday, August 01, 2010

RAGBRAI Day 7 - Waterloo to Manchester, and beyond to Freeport, IL

Here I am in the Super 8, after 116 miles, with hills. 65 of the miles were in loaded touring mode. It was one tough day.

I look a lot better at the end of RAGBRAI, after only 51 miles.

This was a very hard last day. The RAGBRAI planners thought it would be cool to put in a hill 15 miles from the end that had a 19% grade for a half mile. Almost everyone was walking their bikes up it. I rode it, and I hear Jim and Laura did too, but Suzanne and Murray walked.

Laura had to assemble everyone who was awake for one last photo before I left.

Here is a picture coming in to Dubuque. The end of RAGBRAI is cool because the locals all line up and cheer for everyone.

Here is the sign at the "wheel dip". It's a tradition for many people to dip their rear wheel in the Missouri River at the start, and the Mississippi River at the end.

Since I started in Omaha, and am going to finish in Baltimore, I did not bother with the wheel dip.

I got my bags from the charter, and carried on. Here is the view of the wheel dip area from the US 20 bridge over the Mississippi.

This is a very vertigo-inducing bridge. It's nice they have a bike lane, but it's very scary to ride across.

At the foot of the scary bridge.

I stopped for lunch here at George and Dale's. Lunch was awesome, although I did have to put up with some ranting about RAGBRAI from the other customers who got stuck in traffic across the river.

I continued on into southwest Wisconsin, in a futile attempt to fine a flat route.

I did find Art for no apparent reason in a cow pasture in Wisconsin.

I stopped for a break and to get water in New Diggings. This place was mobbed with bikers. I must have passed 500 Harleys today.

Back to Illinios.

I checked into the Super 8 in Freeport. There was a Chinese restaurant across the street for dinner.

They had a bar, so it was quite a score.

Here is the RAGBRAI part of today's ride.
And here is the bonus loaded touring segment afterwards.

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