Sunday, August 08, 2010

Post RAGBRAI Day 8 - The C&O Towpath mile 175 to Frederick, MD

It was only 100 miles even, but it was a hard 100 miles.

For starters, yesterday was a very long day, which ended in a primitive camp site with no shower. Then there was 40 miles of very bumpy towpath. Somewhere in that, I lost my camera, which devastated my outlook on life, because it was full of cool pictures from yesterday. Last, I went on regular old roads from Big Pool to Frederick, which means no nice flat rail trails or canals. It's very hilly, and there are two big ridges to cross west of Frederick.

It turned out to be 3500 feet of climb.

But I have completed my 9th straight 100 mile+ day. I got in as the sun was setting, and I'm beat, but I did it. This will be the last century day of the trip. I am only 45 miles from home.

Here is where I had a tasty burger for lunch in Hancock.

This place was very entertaining. The crowd was half coming from church, and half bikers. The waitresses were tattooed. I enjoy western Maryland.

Here is the track for today's ride.

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Jimboblay said...

Woo-hoo! What a ride! Welcome home today, Drew! Hope you get in safely. Rode past your house on the way around BWI on Saturday and was thinking of where you must have been in PA. Great ride, and thanks for blogging it!