Sunday, April 05, 2015

Spring 15 Tour Day 3 - Exmore to Virginia Beach, VA

It was a wonderful short ride today. We went 32 miles down to the lower tip of the Virginia Eastern Shore, then I did another 12 across Virginia Beach to meet Debra, Max, and Jim's family for lunch.

Riding the lower Eastern Shore is terrific. You really never have to go on US 13. You can do scenic back roads that parallel the highway the whole way. We were really happy with this route.

Here I am at the end of the first leg, waiting for Debra to come shuttle us over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

Check out the shoulder on the Bridge-Tunnel. I could ride that. I could even ride that for 22 miles, which is how long the Bridge-Tunnel is.

Riding the tunnel sections might be a problem though.

I went across Virginia Beach on the Cape Henry Trail. It looks pretty nice here, and it's really scenic the whole way.

Still looking good here, too. But just after this it becomes not paved for four miles, with lots of sandy patches. This is not enjoyable on a recumbent with skinny racing tires. At all.

Amazingly, I got the KOM on Strava for the full trail...

Here is the end of day at Doc Taylor's in Virginia Beach. This was a bit of an adventure, because Jim kept calling it "Doc Martin's", which made me wonder what kind of place it was, and I couldn't find it on the map anywhere.

Everybody is happy because of food. Also Bloody Marys.

Here are the Strava tracks.

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