Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring 15 Tour Day 7 - Rocky Mount to Cary NC

I made my after-ride picture today extra big because I am so handsome.

We did 68 miles today. There are hills now, and the high was around 80. It was a very scenic ride, with back roads for the first half, and bike trails through Raleigh.

For the most part, the bike trails were really nice, although the trail through Raleigh was a bit of a mud pit in places, and we had to walk through a construction site at one point. I think they build the trail on top of the main sewer line in town, which is a clever thing to do if you are going to need an access road for maintenance anyway.

Jim's bike looks really tough after the ride today.

We are in Cary, a planned community which will suck your soul and leave you a lifeless husk. However, they do have an REI here, where I borrowed a floor pump and a staff member to pump up my tires, and got some electrolyte powder and some oil for the bike.

They also have a nice microbrew pub across the way. Suzanne asked what the rating was on the Internet. I pointed out that it is in between a Panera Bread, Red Robin, and Golden Corral. That tells you more than any Internet reviews, in my opinion.

We are staying at a fancy Holiday Inn. It has a pool for the girls. It also has a sad little bar, but that is better than nothing. They could not make a margarita, but they could manage a double Jack and Coke.

Lunch was at a Mexican place next to the Wal-Mart in Zebulon. It was yummy.

After the bike trail, we rode through the campus of NC State, which could have been a road through any office park. There was the humongous hill final hill of the day on that road.

Jim is now done riding, after doing 502 miles in one week. This is the RAGBRAI equivalent. I'm going to continue on, and meet them at the bluegrass festival on Saturday afternoon.

Here is the Strava track for today:

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