Thursday, April 09, 2015

Spring 15 Tour Day 6 - Plymouth to Rocky Mount NC

Hello from the fancy Country Inn and Suites in Rocky Mount, NC.

We are staying here because Suzanne and the girls have left Virginia Beach, and now traveling with us in the van. I think they are here, they had not shown up yet when I fell asleep last night.

These fancy places have all the special touches that you wouldn't expect. Jim figured out that the nightstand where the bible is has a drawer handle that works as a beer bottle opener.

Anyway, yesterday was 72 miles. It was hot out! I didn't expect that! It was in the mid 80s all afternoon, mostly sunny, wind from the south, which was not a big deal since we are headed west.

We started with 20 miles on US 64, which was a divided 4 lane road with a very narrow shoulder. This was not great, but there wasn't much traffic. On the other hand, what traffic there was was mostly log trucks. After that it was all two lane roads with no shoulder until Rocky Mount.

The terrain is not completely dead flat any more, there are easy rolling hills sometimes. I have shifted gears today, but no need to shift the chainring yet.

Since it was threatening rain all morning, we did the "If it's not raining, we should be riding" rule, and did 20 miles before breakfast, which turned out to be an early lunch. Delicious North Carolina Bar-B-Q in Williamston.

I was negligent about taking pictures today. This is because the phone was back in the trunk rack, and I would have to get off the bike. It was mostly agricultural fields. Cotton mostly.

Here is the diner where we had dinner up the street from the hotel. This is nothing special, just food off the exit ramp.

Here is the Strava track for today:

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