Saturday, October 29, 2016

Coffeeneuring 2016 Ride 4 - Green Valley Market, US 1 Elkridge Maryland

For week 4, I'm at the cafe in the Green Valley Market, across Route 1 from last week's stop at the Snax Convenience Store. Continuing the "Commuting in the Route 1 Corridor" theme.

Green Valley Market used to be a Super Fresh, which went out of business. For good reason. But we here is the Route 1 Corridor were very concerned that we would have no grocery store here any more, and a gaping hole in our neighborhood shopping strip. Happily, Green Valley stepped right up and it's a really nice neighborhood grocery! They even have Zeke's coffee, which is what I'm fueled by every day when I'm not Coffeeneuring. My wife buys Zeke's from their stand at the Baltimore Farmers' Market. But the farmers' market is closed in the winter, and GVM is a total life saver during those dark months.

GVM has a little cafe inside, and I had high hopes that this week I would have a nice fresh brewed cup of some exotic variety of Zeke's. Unfortunately, this was not the case. It's K-Cups.

This is sadder sad coffee than a Starbucks kiosk in a Safeway. 

There is a little counter you can sit at, with TVs playing informericals right in front of your face.

My coffee drink was "coffee", with a pistachio biscotti, as Cindy Crawford yammered away about something I don't care about over my head.

Other amenities for bikers include heavy metal barriers to keep people from driving their cars into the store, which you can lean your bike against.

The GVM coffee stop added 0.7 miles  to my 10.2 mile commute. Easy access off Montgomery Road.

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