Sunday, June 20, 2021

Empire State Tour 2021 - Day 1 - Rouses Point to Westport

 It was a long, tough ride for the first day. I think this will be the hardest day of the trip. 

Max refused to have his picture taken. It was 69 miles and 2700 feet of climb. 2000 feet of the climb was in the last half, which included climbing over a 1000 foot ridge, and an unexpected 11% grade 12 miles from the end.

Max was bonked and laying on the ground motionless with 13 miles to go and making pitiful moaning noises. But he recovered magnificently (I convinced him to have a Cliff Shot) and he finished strong. It was a great display of toughness and perseverance.

Here is a farewell shot to our B&B. It was super nice, we had breakfast on the porch overlooking Lake Champlain.

Lunch was 25 flat miles later in Plattsburgh, which is a scenic college town.

We had lunch at the Campus Corner, which was a nice old restaurant serving comfort food. I had a tuna melt, Max had fried chicken.

After lunch, we entered Adirondack Park, which is probably related to why the climbing started and got so much harder. There was this 1000 foot ridge we had to cross It looks like the ridge runs straight across our route and into Lake Champlain, so there is no alternative. 

I'm touring on the T-Bone, which I got in 2002. And it's still amazing. I'm pretty sure only the frame is from 2002, and I have replaced every other part on this bike over the years. I haven't used regular panniers on this bike for years, usually I use a recumbent-specific bag that drapes over the seat. The panniers are good, once I adjusted them to be as far forward as possible. When the weight is to far back, behind the rear axle, the bike is a little squirrely.

This is in Essex, NY, right after the 1000 foot ridge. Max had to lay on the ground and moan for a half hour here, before knocking out the last 13 miles.

Debra celebrated Fathers Day once we got in to our inn in Westport, which is cleverly called the Inn in Westport. She got me a new shirt, which is plaid, with short sleeves and snap buttons, so I look like a bluegrass musician. Then we went out for an excellent dinner at the Westport Yacht Club.

This place has amazing food, and a spectacular view of the lake and the mountains in Vermont on the other side. Also, strawberry-rhubarb margaritas. Why haven't I been making these all spring?

Here is the Strava track. I think this will be the hardest day of the tour.

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