Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Riding Home from New York - Day 4 - Delta PA to Baltimore

 I'm at the crash pad.

I'll ride the rest of the way to our main home tomorrow morning when it's cooler. I got here at 10:30, right when the heat was setting in. I left at 7:00 AM, it was only 37 miles. It was an nice ride.

I discovered this morning that my 18 year old Ortleib panniers have reached the end of the road. It seems that they are destructable.

That's a huge gash up the side of the pannier. I can't believe nothing fell out yesterday. I rearranged things so this pannier only has clothes in it, which are in stuff sacks. I made it fine, and I probably have some duct tape or a bungee around here somewhere to hold it together for tomorrow's short ride.

The Peach Tree Inn, my wonderful cheap motel from last night is only two miles from the Maryland line.

The route was very simple. Ride to Jarrettsville on 165, and cut over to the Jarrettsville Pike to Loch Raven, then ride home on Charles Street like usual. I've never ridden Jarretsville Pike, and it is not a great road for bike riding. No shoulders and heavy traffic. It is not relaxing, but it is direct and not all that hilly.

I went past the Ladew Topiary Gardens, which I have never visited, although it is often recommended. But I'm not stopping today, when doing so means I would be riding more in the extreme heat. (Currently 94 degrees, feels like 105, and I am in the nice cool basement of the crash pad and I already went to Eddie's and bought all the food and beer I need.)

Here's Loch Raven, from halfway across the bridge.

It's going to rain tonight and break the heat wave, and then rain most of tomorrow, but I think there is a window in the morning when I can ride home.

Here is the Strava Track.


Unknown said...


Congrats on getting safely back to Baltimore. I enjoyed reading your daily entries, and seeing the photos. I met a retired park ranger from Maine on the GAP in May who suggested I combine the Erie Canal with the Empire State Trail.


Mr. Drew said...

My son and I did the Erie Canal Trail in June 2018, check out the trip reports!