Friday, June 25, 2021

Empire State Tour 2021 - Day 6 - Poughkeepsie to Mahopac

Mahopac is pronounced Mayo Pack, like a single serving package of Mayonnaise. I just need to get that right out there first.

It was a pretty short (47 miles), easy (1300 feet of climb) day with perfect conditions. It was almost entirely rail trail.

It was basically an easy, steady climb from Poughkeepsie to near Pawling, then down to Brewster, than up again to Mayo Pack. What's neat is we crossed the Appalachian Trail at the high point near Pawling.

We are in the Budget Motor Inn, which is very old, cheap, no frills whatsoever, and well maintained. It wins the Red Dot of Quality for sure. (It is an Indian-owned "Patel Motel").

RDOQ motels like this are my go-to when bike touring. I don't need any fancy stuff, just a place to sleep. This is the first one I've come across this trip, and I am very worried that these motels have not survived the pandemic. All hotels like this are either out of business, or housing the nearly homeless. The hotels that are left are all much, much more expensive. Which also pushes up the price point for AirBnB. 

Another nice thing about old motels, is they are typically right next to a restaraunt. This one is just a short walk from the Olympic Diner, which is a classic Greek diner. Huge menu with 1000 items, food is edible but not great. This one made good margaritas, so I'm happy.

I really like how they made the outdoor pandemic seating festive with strings of colorful plastic flags.

Now we have to get going early, because there is no coffee. Not in our room, not in the lobby. I can barely write this.

Here is the Strava Track.

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